Black Bear Hunting:  Fully guided black bear hunts over established bait sites.   Hunts include, lodging, some meals, and many other perks.

ATV adventures:  Ride the largest and most scenic trail system in Maine, every trail leads to a great view.  ATV trips can be customized and include lodging either in our camps or on the trail.

Hiking Trips:  Day, weekend, or week long trips hiking Bigelow Mountain and the surrounding area. Customize your trip for skill level, time, and distance.

Shooting adventures:  Stay in the camps for the weekend, enjoy the rustic camp life and hit the range for some unique adventures with firearms of various calibers, common and rare.  Shoot everything from a .22 caliber pistol all the way up to a .50BMG.  We also feature special ammunition and targets to add to the fun.  Where else can you shoot Armor Piercing, Incendiary, tracer rounds out of a 50BMG at exploding targets?

Boat trips on Flagstaff Lake:  Enjoy camp life in between boating trips on the most scenic lake in Maine.  The mountains seem to shoot right out of the water as you cruse around Maine’s third largest lake.  Learn about the history of this man made lake came to be and view portions of the town that lies beneath it.  Foundations of old houses can still be seen under the water and paved roads can be seen coming out of the water and crossing the islands.